May '22 Newsletter


The count down to summer has begun! I am so looking forward to summer this year. Finally no restrictions! Can we all have a moment of silence for the last two years of Covid-19.

I have booked a few weeks off this summer but will have the dates for you all when I see you.

Did you know: Your hair is most fragile when wet!

Always make sure that you brush your hair before washing it to get rid of tangles. Once you have washed it, apply a treatment and combe your hair through. Then rinse and condition. 

I've been doing a lot of studying the last few weeks and I am looking forward to sharing all my new knowledge with you!..

If I can ask everyone to make sure their follow up appointments are booked in the diary that would be great. My July is getting booked up so please make sure you use my online calendar to get yourselves booked in (or just the 'contact' button below)!

I will be taking on new clients from July!


Bon xx