Aftercare & Maintenance

Aftercare for Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Integration Methods

Make sure you do not wash your hair for 48 hours after your fitting. Your hair extensions are settling in, especially if you have any type of glue in your hair. If you feel your hair needs washing before this time period, use dry shampoo.

You may notice after the fitting your scalp feels a bit tender. This can last for a few days but it is completely normal & is due to the extra weight of the added hair.

It's not recommended to colour, bleach or chemically change your hair extensions yourself. Even if the hair is 100% human hair the end results can be unpredictable. Please speak to us before as the lifespan of the hair can be compromised if not done professionally.

Do not go to bed with wet hair extensions, this can cause matting and can damage your own hair, as hair is most vulnerable when wet. 


It is essential you only use products that are designed for hair extension or have been advised by your hair extension technician. Stay away from any products containing silicone, sulphates or any oils. Silicone & sulphates can break down the extension bonds & dry out the hair. Any oily product that comes into contact with your bonds can cause slippage.

Try to only wash your hair once or twice a week. If you can, use dry shampoo in between washes. Before washing, de-tangle your hair extensions with an extension brush & separate the bonds.

Wash your hair in an upright position, ideally in the shower. Washing your hair extensions over the bath can cause tangling. Smooth the shampoo down the hair & be careful not to rub the hair.

Only condition the mid-lengths & ends of the hair, conditioner on the bonds will cause slippage.

Pat dry when washed & do not rub.


After patting dry use a leave-in conditioner or de-tangling spray, then use a wide-tooth comb, avoiding the bonds. Comb from ends up, this will prevent knotting.

Apply a heat protector & proceed to dry the hair. Direct the heat down the hair shaft for a sleek finish. Dry your hair in sections. Use the cooler setting to dry the bonds/roots or hold your hair dryer further away from the hair.

Finish your hair as normal, reapplying the heat protector before applying any more heat, & once again, avoid putting any heat on the bonds.

All serums, gels, hairsprays etc can still be used but avoid the bonds/roots as you usually would with products.

They can melt & cause your extensions to shed. Should this happen there will be a cost to re-bond the extensions.


Remember your hair extensions are bonded to your natural hair, pulling on them too hard may result in your own hair being damaged. Hold the roots/bonds while brushing & always start brushing from the bottom & gradually work your way up to the roots. (This is also a great hair hack for tackling knots.)

Always use a hair extension brush or a tangle teaser.


Please ensure that you are using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Always read the label. Sulphate-free products lack harsh cleaning agents, so they lock in moisture, prevent colour from fading, and will not irritate the scalp. 

Use a hair mask once a week to revive your hair extensions. Avoid the scalp area so just mid-length to ends. An argon oil-based mask works well as it's packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, etc. and your own hair will benefit too.


If you use a sunbed it is advised to wrap your hair in a towel as the heat from the sunbed can cause the bonds to melt.

If you work out on a regular basis or use a sauna, be sure to dry the bonds of your hair as soon as possible after your session.

It is not advised to get your hair extensions wet whilst swimming. Chlorine & seawater can cause the extensions to tangle & matt, & blonde hair to discolour.

Should you wish to swim underwater with extensions, braid the extensions, then wash & dry your hair immediately after.

Do not sleep with wet hair extensions. Ensure they are completely dry before going to bed.

Hair Extensions aren't a cheap luxury & should be looked after with great care in order for them to last as long as possible.

Even though your extensions are 100% human hair, it does not receive nutrients from the scalp like your natural hair. The more heat you use on the extensions the shorter their lifespan will be. Treat your extensions with the same respect you would with your own hair.

Lighter shades of hair have had a bleach product applied to them & therefore will not have as long a life span as non-bleached hair. These lighter shades need extra care & less heat application to increase their longevity.

It is really important that you get into the habit of these steps, it does wonders for your hair extensions, but your own hair will thank you in the process.  

During the fitting and maintenance period you may lose some bonds / might become looser, this is completely normal due to your natural hair shedding. Please keep hold of the bonds as they will be reapplied at your maintenance appointment.

When you have the hair extensions/hair loss system removed, please make sure that this is done by using a qualified hair extensions technician as there is a technique to it and if it isn't done correctly damage to your own hair can occur and we can not take responsibility. 

Each Hair Extension Technician may vary in technique. It will take time to get used to your new hair and your maintenance appointment allows you the opportunity to ask any more questions if you are not quite getting the 'hang' of it. 

We look forward to seeing you at your next hair appointment.

*Maintenance is between 3-8 weeks depending on the method of Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Integration System. We recommend booking your Maintenance appointment on the day of your fitting to secure an appointment slot as there will be an additional charge for out-of-maintenance appointments. 

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