Hair Services

Each service is completely bespoke. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach. 

* Price of Hair Extensions and Non Surgical Hair Loss Integration Services includes hair, fitting, blending of hair & styling, aftercare advice, styling tips and product recommendation.

Consultation - Hair Extensions & Non Surgical Hair Loss Integration

A chance to discuss the length you desire, the thickness you require, the hair quality and the application method that is suited to your lifestyle. Colour match, aftercare advice, and follow up appointments discussed. The final cost will be provided for your fitting. 

£ Free

1/2 Head Nano Rings, Micro Rings & Keratin Bonds

75g to 100g - Ideal for volume and a tiny bit of length.

From £220

3/4 Head Nano Rings, Micro Rings & Keratin Bonds

125g + - Voluminous thickness & length.

From £290

Full Head Nano Rings, Micro Rings & Keratin Bonds

175g + - Voluminous thickness & length.

From £350

Extra Full Nano Rings, Micro Rings & Keratin Bonds

225g + - Voluminous thickness & length.

From £480

Braidless Weave - LA Weft, Quick Weft, & Flat Weft

A modern update to the traditional braided in weave, the Braidless Weft is a weft based system applied by either sewing the hair weft on top of a track of silicone-lined copper rings or integrating the the weft with rings. There is no braiding required with this modern update as the hair sits flatter to the head and creates maximum thickness. Maintenance/Repositioning is every 6-8 weeks. Great for normal to thick hair. 

From £250

Invisi Tape

Discreet 3/4cm weft is applied to sections, under and above, like a sandwich, to your hair. Great for finer hair to normal hair. Maintenance/Repositioning is every 6-8 week. 

From £190


Maintenance is recommended every 4-8 weeks depending on your method. These appointments are essential for the safety of your natural hair and longevity of your hair extensions. This is a chance to check the state of your natural hair, remove hair shed, product build-up and repositioning copper rings if needed. 

Methods include Nano Rings (6-8 weeks), Micro Rings (6-8 weeks), Tapes (6-8 weeks) and Non Surgical Hair Loss Mesh Integration Systems (4-6 weeks).

From £75

Non Surgical Hair Loss Mesh Integration Systems 

A non-surgical procedure which involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made 'unit'. Your own natural hair is then blended with the unit hair to create a full head of great looking hair. 

Hair Loss Mesh Integration & Crown Volumiser System.

From £450

Bespoke Area Mesh Integration

Same method as above, however covering smaller sections or patches of the head. 

From £150

Bespoke Clip In Hair Piece

Clip in Topper for those experiencing hair loss and would like a temp solution allowing them to add the Topper as and when desired. Custom coloured and blended to the hair. 

From £200

Removal - All methods

We highly recommend that you have your extensions removed professionally, correctly and safely to ensure no damage is caused to your own natural hair. 

Methods include Nano Rings, Micro Rings, Keratin Bonds, Tapes, Celebrity Weft and Hair Loss Integration.

From £55

Repositioning / Re-alignment 

Hair Loss Mesh Integration Systems only.

From £50


Hair sourced by client

From £145

Ladies Cut / Restyle

Cut and finish.

From £25






From £45

*All services final price will be given at the consultation stage. A patch test may be required.

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