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We are passionate about hair care and take great pride in educating our clients on the best products and accessories available. We are continuously testing products and only recommend the best to our clients. These are our absolute favourites and use them in our hair care routine - they work well with your natural hair & hair extensions! 

*In-store purchases or DM for details on P&P. 

Silk Turban

Every time we sleep, we toss and turn against abrasive bed linen which can aggravate our hair and cause moisture loss and breakage. Wrapping your hair in a silk turban will help to promote healthier and shinier hair.


After Party Smoothing Cream

This Smoothing Cream is the ultimate cream that helps to smooth, fight flyaways and gives incredible shine to hair without weighing it down. 

Highly recommended if you have hair extensions as its keeps the locks soft and super manageable. 


No Heat Hair Curler

Create heatless curls, with no damage to your hair with this extended rod. Cotton 8cm roller.


TrueStyle Line

The TrueStyle collection was created to make your life easier. Formulated with pea protein, sustainably sourced Baobab, and ashwagandha root, making your hair look and feel naturally luminous, silky and healthy.. The collection includes Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, 237 ml, Replenishing Mask and Anti-Frizz Dry Oil


Custom Clip In Toppers

Excited to offer bespoke Clip In Toppers. The hair topper is designed with a comfortable base which allows for a multi-directional parting giving the appearance of natural growth. 

100% Remy human hair topper that can be washed, dried and styled just like your natural hair.

From £180.00

Adjustable Tangle Teaser

The perfect finishing brush created for dry-styling and dressing your hair. The unique teeth are longer with softer tips which lightly detangle and smooth cuticles for a high shine. The strap is adjustable so perfect for any hair density, and can be used on wet or dry hair. 


Silicone Scalp Massage Brush

Perfect addition to your washing routine. Use the scalp massage brush when you have your hair mask or conditioner on to get rid of any tangles.


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