2020 Hair Trends You'll Want To Get Involved With


Whether you're about to break up, recovering from a bad hair job, or just want a change, here are five top hair trends we predict for 2020.

1. Soft Blonde Balayage

The last couple of years we've seen platinum blondes pop up all over, thanks to Kim K. But let's face it, the maintenance can drive a person crazy. With our busy lifestyles, we crave low maintenance anything. The balayage look has been around for a few years now and more clients have gone for this look, with soft blonde and golden tones. It gives the hair a multidimensional depth, as well as adding volume and texture! 

2. Copper Shades

You can really play around with variations of this colour. From pale coral to fiery copper to soft strawberry, copper hair stands out in the crowd and will turn heads. And yes, embrace the word. Ginger. Who doesn't love ginger?    

3. Shaggy Bobs

While we saw a lot of blunt cuts in the last year, 2020 is all about getting rid of sharp lines and having a bit more fun with your hair (and life if we think of it). Sleek, strong lines will be broken by soft, texturised layering and complimented by high-textured and defined styling. Think Pretty Little Liars's, Lucy Hale.

4. Classic Blue

Blue hair doesn't naturally happen, yes some animals are described as 'blue' coats, but darling, that's not the blue we are talking about. Fun facts about blue hair colour. 1. Blue will hang around for ages. 2. Bleach makes blue, green. But don't let all this put you off, blue can be a lot of fun, and it's not a life sentence of green hair - it just requires some care and work. Alternatively, opt for Hair Extensions if you are scared of the chemical damage and upkeep of having coloured hair. 

5. Natural Curls

Curls rule the world! So those who are lucky enough to have been blessed with curls, work it! Yes, curly hair does require more hydration and of course patience, but with the right cocktail of products, you'll be bouncing around all day! Experiment by mixing products together, use your fingers as tools and pineapple at night to ensure it keeps the volume for the following day (loosely tie your hair in a topknot).

So here's to a great 2020 rocking a shaggy bob, with a balayage look with shades of blonde, copper and blue making heads turn with your natural curls.