April '22 Newsletter


Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter..! 

It's been another crazy few weeks for me, and apologies for the response rate from me, I think I need an assistant. But if I ever do take a few days to respond please give me a little nudge. 

Did you know: Zinc is vital in hair tissue growth and repair, It helps keep the oil glands around the follicles properly functioning. Dandruff and hair loss are common symptoms of zinc deficiency.

I have had a massive increase in clients over the last 8 weeks and it's been so great being able to help clients with their hair needs. I have also increased my hours so that I can happily accommodate each and every client fully.

If I can ask everyone to make sure their follow up appointments are booked in the diary that would be great. I will be having a bit of time off during May for medical reasons so have made the decision to close my diary for any new clients until further notice. 

If anyone has any questions, or would just like some advise on their hair needs, I am still more than happy to help as usual. 

Thanks Bon xx