February '22 Newsletter

I'm not sure about you, but I am counting down the days until Spring - warmer days over wintery ones all the way..!

Since December I have not stopped - it's been a super busy couple of months working with new clients on hair loss issues, supporting my clients businesses from crafts to music events, to having a good natter with my regular clients. 

I am working with a couple of charities at the moment with upcoming calendar events, helping out with the hair side of things, which I am really excited about and can't wait to share.

Did you know: Shampooing is fundamental hygiene as it eliminates excess oils. Our hair gets oils from the sebaceous glands which secrete sebum which in return causes dandruff and clogs pores that affect the hair growth adversely. Shampooing helps in reducing and preventing hair loss.

I am organising a little workshop that will be held in Clifton - drinks and nibbles provided, hopefully (fingers crossed) just before summer and will share more details with everyone when I see you!

And on a final note....

Please make sure you book your next appointment in advance - I am currently seeing a lot of clients trying to book in last minute and unfortunately I just don't have time to accommodate at such short notice.