Hair Integration: Non-Surgical Procedure


I'm so excited to announce that The Hair Co will be offering Hair Integration Solutions for those who suffer from Trichotillomania, Cranial surgery, Alopecia, Post-Chemotherapy, Post-Radiotherapy, Genetic thinning, Chemical damage and many other conditions.

Hair integration is a non-surgical procedure which involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made 'unit'.

My mom fought breast cancer 9 years ago. After Chemo and Radiotherapy, her hair grew back very fine, pretty much like baby hair and she absolutely hated it. This year sadly she lost her fight after the illness returned out of the blue. So, I wanted to do something for others fighting illnesses, and as a Hair Specialist, I thought that I can put my skills to use.

I really want to help people gain more confidence and get their life back, even though if it's only something small I can do.

Full details of availability for Hair integration will be shared in the new year!