Hair Masks for Every Hair Type


If you want to revive your locks to their lustrous glory, trust me, using hair masks will get the job done. It's important to care for your hair as you would for your skin.

What Do Masks Do for Your Hair?

A hair mask is a powerhouse that nourishes and rejuvenates your hair with restorative and intensely hydrating goodness such as shea butter, honey and natural oils extracted from coconut, argan and jojoba, just to name a few. Unlike conditioners, hair masks act as a treatment. They are usually left on your hair for a longer period of time to allow their nutrients to sink deeper into the hair and scalp.

You should ideally apply a mask once a week, or as needed in times of hair emergencies such as damage caused by sun exposure or over styling. After shampooing, squeeze all excess water out of your hair then gently massage the mask into your hair and scalp, and keep it on for the suggested timescale. You can even pop on a shower cap and crack on with the housework.

The Best Mask for Your Hair

Whether you're looking for a solution that will put an end to all your hair drama or just want to maintain your hair's bounce and shine, there's a mask just waiting to be discovered.

Do a 'wet stretch test' to determine the elasticity. Taking a few strands, lightly pull it in between two fingers, like an elastic band, if a strand breaks with little to no stretching, it may need more moisture. If it stretches without breaking, it may need protein If it stretches a bit and then returns to its natural state, you have normal elasticity.

1. Normal Hair

Having "normal" hair means your hair is generally healthy and neither too oily nor overly dry. This hair type can still benefit from using a mask, especially at times when hair looks a bit dull. Instead of looking at the texture of your hair, think about how you style your hair. If you like to wear your hair sleek and straight, try a smoothing mask. If you like it curly, just make sure the mask won't weigh down your curls too much.

2. Dry / Dull Hair

Some of the most common hair problems you encounter i.e. frizz or breakage usually start with dry hair, so choose a hair mask with nourishing ingredients like oils, butter and antioxidants. It will help your hair retain moisture, prevent further damage and protect from environmental stressors.

3. Chemically Treated / Damaged Hair

That beachy waves and sleek bun may be racking up 'likes' and love heart emojis on IG, but we all know that exposure to chemicals and constant use of heat can be a nightmare for your hair. To keep your mane looking gorgeous, a deep-conditioning, restoring mask that's specifically tailored to reverse the damage of chemically treated and over-styled hair is your best friend.

4. Coloured Hair

Changing up your hair colour is a great way to spice up your hair game but it also comes with a number of issues. Aside from constantly requiring maintenance, there's also brassiness, breakage and dullness to worry about. To address this, look for masks that specifically say they're tailored to colour-treated hair. Aside from helping to prolong the vibrancy of your colour, these specially formulated masks also help to replenish the moisture your hair has lost during the treatment process.

5. Fine Hair

Using hair products that are too dense can quickly make fine hair greasy and feel heavy, so you'll want to choose a formula that is lightweight. The added moisture can weigh fine hair down, so consider limiting the use of hair masks to fortnightly if you have finer strands unless your hair is also chemically treated or has heat damage, apply to mid-lengths and ends only.

7. Coarse Hair

Coarse hair typically requires an extra dose of moisture to keep the scalp and strands soft and to prevent dryness and to control frizz. Anything with natural oils will help smooth coarse hair.

8. Curly Hair

Curly hair can feel dry, so hydration is key to maintain its health, volume and shine. Try hair masks with nourishing oils to improve the body and texture of your bouncy curls. The extra moisture will also minimise frizz.

Hair masks will nourish hair and boosts shine, leaving you with lustrous, healthy-looking hair.

There are plenty of products available on the high-street that work just as good as the salon ones, but just like anything, it does take time to find your perfect match.

We have a small selection of our favourite products we like to use, and they're loved by our clients too.