Hair Toppers: Perfect for thinning hair


Hair toppers are a breakthrough method for those experiencing thinning hair, hair loss on the parting, and hair loss on the halo section of the head, around the temples, and the crown area.

We all have different hair needs, and just like hair extensions, hair toppers come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours which allows them to blend beautifully with your own hair to give it a natural finish.

There are various ways to attach hair toppers. You can have them attached to your hair which will need follow-up maintenance appointments, clipped in which allows you to attach the topper as and when you desire, or glued onto your scalp/hair using a barrier-like gel as the base.

Here are steps to follow to make sure you attach clip-in toppers correctly:

  • Make sure you have a clean parting line

  • Open each clip on the topper

  • Bring it above your head and hold the front and back

  • Attach the front clip (1-2cm from your hairline), then hold down the middle section to make sure the topper is flush against the front, and attach the back clip

  • Continue holding the middle section and attach the side clips.

  • Brush, style, and blend

Hair accessories are a great way to make the topper sit better if you are struggling to achieve a natural look.

You can also style it curly to make it blend better.

If you'd like a more secure grip you can slightly backcombe your natural hair where the clips will be attached.

Pro tip: If you have purchased your own topper, take your topper to a stylist who specialises in toppers.