October Newsletter


Happy October everyone..

So as some of you would have noticed I have change the format of my newsletters - thought I'd spruce it up a bit!.

Each month I will be sharing my recommended products, supplements and hair tools - you all know how much I love anything hair related! Ha... 

I am also going to make sure I start doing hair tutorial videos - this will be ALL things hair related, from styles, to useful tips to hair products to tools to education etc.. Video's are completely out of my comfort zone, but as I am a geek in hair I might as well geek everyone else out and not just my clients....

I will be running a little COMPETITION in October through to November - keep an eye out on my Instagram, it's some gorgeous goodies that I personally use and absolutely love - and it totals around £80 worth in goodies!

Did you know: Hair Extensions can allow you to escape from that awful short haircut you just got, while allowing your hair to grow out in the process of wearing extensions.

And on a final note....

Please make sure you book your next couple of appointments in before Christmas - I have opened up my diary for new clients and my diary is getting booked up already!