Winter Hair Care Tips


Let's face it, 2020 has been a rollercoaster year, one minute you're loving your bubble, doing workouts, baking banana bread and going for long walks, and then the next you're missing people you don't even like, drinking gin for breakfast and your new best friend is Jimmy the seagull. 

It's been a tough year and it can not only have an impact on your mental health but also your hair and skin.

(Did you know that hair loss usually takes around 3 months to trigger after a stressful event?)

Fear not, not all is doom and gloom. We have some great tips for you to keep your glorious locks still looking great during the colder months

Embrace the Hat

It's important to cover your hair during the winter months to shield it from the moisture-robbing dry air, snow, wind, and rain. The elements will dry your hair out, making it more prone to breakage.

Try to wear hats that are lined with silk or satin to help prevent friction and damage.

Don't over indulge on Heating

Want to know how to fight dry hair in the winter? Use a humidifier. Heating causes the air in your home to become dry, pulling moisture out of your hair and skin. Investing in a humidifier will help re-hydrate the air to keep your locks looking gorgeous.

Lower the water Temperature

Even though a steamy shower might be just what you're looking for when the temperature is freezing, hot water can strip moisture from your hair making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and finish it off with a cool rinse.

Always use a Heat Protector

Blow drying can cause breakage due to the moisture being pulled out of your hair. By using a protector every time you use heat on your hair, it will coat your hair and your hair will look, feel and remain healthier. Refrain from using straightening or curling your hair every day, try once a week then in between washes use this time to explore new styles like twists, braids, and buns.

Avoid leaving the house with Wet Hair

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage - fact. Why would you leave the house with wet hair in any way? Firstly you'll end up getting ill and the cold weather can cause your hair to freeze and break.

Use an Oil

Make sure you restore moisture in your hair by using an oil-based hair product. A lightweight argan oil will instantly revitalise dry, damaged hair. Make sure to apply hair oil on the ends daily to help replenish moisture and protect your hair.

Commit to a weekly Hair Mask

Face masks are essential for healthy skin, so when you are doing your weekly face mask make sure to treat your hair with the same TLC. Hair masks can make a significant difference when it comes to your hair. The mask can reverse the effects of dryness while making sure your hair is protected at an optimal level all year round. Hair masks are quick and easy to use and are packed with tons of hair health benefits and are effective in under 20-minutes.

Now that you have your new hair routine in winter, make sure to commit to it, you will thank us later..!