Different Methods of Hair Extensions & Non Surgical Hair Loss Solutions


Hair Extensions are a great way to change your look - whether you are looking to change your style, length, thickness, fix a bad cut, hair loss or to add colour without the commitment. It's also a damage free way to let your natural hair grow.

It can be confusing to know which method to opt for or even which method will work best with your hair type. So we decided to run through the 7 best methods we provide for all hair types and people affected with hair loss.

Nano Ring

Currently the smallest application method on the market! Nano Ring is 90% smaller than the traditional Micro Ring. The application for this method is done by securing nano beads with a section of the natural hair. Although the Nano Bond cannot be "pushed up" it is 100% reusable and can be reapplied time and time again.

Maintenance is every 6-8 weeks maximum.

Great for fine to normal hair types.

Micro Ring

Installation is applied by securing a section of the natural hair and the extension strand between a 3.4mm or 4mm copper ring. The copper ring is lined with silicone for hair safety and security. The method is 100% reusable meaning it can be realigned or "pushed up" time and time again.

Maintenance is every 6-8 weeks maximum.

Great for medium to thick hair types.

Keratin Bonds

The original individual hair extension method with an upgrade. Keratin Bonds are great for oil-prone scalps. The extension is applied by heating the keratin resin together with an equal section of the natural hair, creating a secure hold bond.

Maintenance free and lasting between 4-5 months before reapplication is required. Great for normal-thick hair (not suitable for finer hair types).

Tape In's

The flattest hair extensions method on the market, tape extensions are applied by placing a 4 cm paper thin weft to both under and above a section of the natural hair (creating a sandwich) and secured with a pre-bonded adhesive.

Maintenance is every 8-10 weeks maximum.

Great for fine to normal hair.

Braid-less Weft

An update to the traditional braided weave, the weave is a weft based system applied by sewing the hair weft on top of a track of silicone lined copper rings. Unlike the traditional weave, the braid-less weft lies flatter to the head and creates maximum thickness!

Maintenance is every 6-8 weeks maximum.

Great for normal to thick hair.

Non Surgical Hair Integration

An innovative hair loss system for those suffering bald patterns, thinning hair, alopecia or those recovering from illness, or other hair loss related causes.

It is applied using a fine,super lightweight mesh netting and lace closure/ topper to disguise the affected areas. The results are extremely natural and gives the wearer the feel of 'real hair' a great alternative and more permanent solution to a wig. The method is 100% reusable.

Maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.

Hair Extensions are an investment of your money and time, always make sure you follow the aftercare advice to make sure that you are keeping your locks looking and feeling amazing.

If you are interested in exploring your options around hair extensions, please get in touch. I'd love to help with your hair journey.