Thin Hair: 10 Mistakes to Stop Making Now


Thin hair can be frustrating, full stop..! We know that certain medications, hormones and genes can all be contributors to fine hair, but the biggest culprits behind hair loss and thinning hair, are things we do on a daily basis that are also factors in making our hair prone to damage, breakage and fallout.

But don't worry there is good news. You can do something about it. All it takes is a few changes to some of your everyday habits. Let's get started.

1. Pulling Wet Hair Back Tightly

Doing this can cause serious damage to your locks, especially to thin strands. Hair over stretches when it is wet, it's in its most vulnerable state, so pulling it up in a ponytail can cause added stress on the hair and can break the hair.

If you absolutely must tie it back when it's wet, either use a silk scrunchie, phone wire hairband or even a clip, avoiding anything tight.

2. Using Too Much Oil

Hair oil is typically too heavy for finer hair and leads to your hair strands becoming flat and stuck to the scalp. To avoid this from happening try using a deep conditioning treatment to achieve healthy hair, and if you really need to pop in some oil midlength to ends, less is more.

3. Not Using Styling Products

Finding the right styling product that will create thickness and volume is key for those with thinning hair if you want to make your hair look and feel thicker. Try using a volumising or thickening spray before blow-drying your hair. If you wash and go, your hair may feel flat.

4. Avoiding Colour

While you probably have the best intentions to avoid hair colour, adding a little colour can do wonders for enhancing thickness. When you colour your hair or add highlights, it creates texture and will give the illusion of fuller hair just by creating a contrast of shadows and lightness.

5. Not using a conditioner

If you're avoiding using conditioner in fear that your hair will become too flat, think again. It's important for those with thinning hair to make sure you use the correct type of conditioner for your hair type. Volumising conditioners are formulated to work with thin hair to make sure you get 'body' out of each hair strand.

6. Overwashing your hair

Washing your hair daily can thin and dry it out, making it brittle. Dry shampoo is a great addition in between washes to avoid breakage. Along with giving the illusion of freshly washed hair, dry shampoo will add more volume to thin hair. Always make sure you 'blow dry' the dry shampoo out of your hair to get rid of excess. And when it is hair washing day, make sure you thoroughly wash all the product out with a cleansing shampoo as over the years your follicle could get clogged and suffocate,

7. Overusing Hair Extensions

Extensions instantly give you that gorgeous mane of thicker, fuller hair you're looking for, but, over time, they can put a lot of strain on the hairs which the extensions are attached to. The key is to make sure your Technician is using the correct method for your hair type and lifestyle, you are looking after your extensions correctly, and that you are taking a break every 3-6 months so you can give your hair and scalp a much-needed break.

8. Avoiding haircuts

It's better having a haircut on a regular basis (10-12 weeks) to avoid your ends becoming thin. Having regular trims with blunt ends give you the look of fuller hair.

We love educating clients on the best hair care advice and tips to keep your locks looking and feeling great.